One of the most innovating and experimenting artists in the Trance scene, Anthony S, aka S-Range has performed Live and DJ-Sets in almost every country around the World, including Australia, Brazil, Israel, India, Japan, Mexico, USA, and all over Europe.

With four albums under his belt, the Swedish artist he released his first track in 1999 and sending his own sonic frequencies throughout the world with his hypnotic music that brings nice harmonies and a huge soundscape influenced by science fiction books and movies.

After his hugely popular debut album, 2001, Anthony Sillfors released Space, another piece of sci-fi sample laden high-energy morning trance. In 2005, his third acclaimed album, Another Theory, came out in a limited promo edition, which never got official released.

Celebrating more then a decade of music producing, Anthony S released a remix album in 2009, named “Remixed Memories”.
Anthony S has sold over 1 000 000 copies of his music featured on Albums, Singles, V/A compilations and Digital downloads.

Topping charts with recent #1 releases such as “Shake” at Echoes Rec and “Tone Generator” EP at Digital Nature Rec. Exciting times a head and loads of new tracks to be released for 2016

The producer has just built his new Pro studio which is also designed for 5.1 surround mixing and production. In this new work environment, Anthony intends to write a new page in history of electronic music.
Expect nothing more than the finest and highest quality productions from this Swedish top artist.

New albums and EP’s in progress..